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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and lost wages for work-related injuries and illnesses. This policy is required in almost every state for businesses that have employees.

In the construction industry, physical labor brings a high risk of injuries that could place a tremendous financial burden on your business. For instance, if a carpenter has an accident with a nail gun, it could lead to hefty medical bills and downtime.

A Bayou City Risk’s Workers’ Compensation Policy can pay for medical expenses and partial missed wages when an employee is injured on the job or develops an occupational illness. Workers’ Compensation benefits also cover temporary or permanent disability and death benefits.

"Bayou City Risk and Chris Hawkins have handled BPT’s workers comp policy from day one. Going on 23 years now. I could not have asked for a better Company or Individual looking out for our Company’s best interest."

President/Owner - Builders Post-Tension