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Here at Bayou City Risk, we are dedicated to you and all your commercial insurance needs. We have well over 25 years of experience in Construction Risk Management. Our mission is simple - "We make it our business to protect your business."

With clients that include Colina Homes, Butler Brothers, Winfrey Design Build, Cyrene Homes, Builders Post Tension, Disama Building Group, R. Mclean Homes, Harrisburg Homes & more – we have protected builders and their vendors since 1997 with pride.


Greg N. Tomlinson

President/Owner - Builders Post-Tension

"Bayou City Risk and Chris Hawkins have handled BPT’s workers comp policy from day one. Going on 23 years now. I could not have asked for a better Company or Individual looking out for our Company’s best interest."


Builder’s Risk

Bayou City Risk’s Modified Blanket Builder’s Risk program provides significant premium savings, eliminates reporting for insureds and eliminates potential uncovered claims due to late or non-reporting. Our rates are applied on a pro-rata basis and premium is paid only for the period of time (in months) that each structure is covered by the insurance policy. Our low minimum premium requirements reduce the risk of overestimating exposure at the beginning of the policy period.

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General Liability


General Liability Insurance protects contractors financially from amounts they become obligated to pay due to damages or medical payments because of bodily injury, property damage or personal/advertising injury to third parties occurring during the policy period caused by or relating to the contractor's work.



Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and lost wages for work-related injuries and illnesses. This policy is required in almost every state for businesses that have employees.

In the construction industry, physical labor brings a high risk of injuries that could place a tremendous financial burden on your business. For instance, if a carpenter has an accident with a nail gun, it could lead to hefty medical bills and downtime.

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Umbrella / Excess

Umbrella insurance provides coverage for when your liability coverage has reached its limit. In addition, this particular type of protection offers coverage for liability claims that may not be included in your other policies. Umbrella insurance can help cover the costs of harm to others or loss of their property.

The main benefit of umbrella insurance is your increased protection from legal and financial liabilities in the event you are sued and found liable for an accident, injury or other damage. Unlike auto or home insurance policies, which tend to have lower coverage limits, umbrella insurance coverage can be significant.

Let Bayou City Risk show you how they are helping customers protect their business.



Business Property

Commercial property insurance is coverage that protects a business’s real property. This includes commercial buildings and structures, as well as assets like equipment, technology, furniture, and inventory

Having the right coverage for property and development projects is critical for all builders and businesses in the homebuilding industry. At Bayou City Risk, we offer the best Builder’s Risk policy in the market as well as unique coverage for the office properties of our customers.



Commercial Auto

Protect your business vehicles with a Texas commercial auto policy.

Bayou City Risk Commercial Auto Insurance includes liability and property damage protection for cars, trucks and vans that you use for business. It can also cover food trucks, service utility trucks, trailers, and other types of vehicles. Businesses need commercial auto insurance to protect from accidents and other liabilities involving their business vehicles. Personal auto policies usually don’t cover vehicles used for business because they’re generally exposed to more liability than personal autos.

Let Bayou City Risk share how we are helping companies today with their Commercial Auto coverage needs.



Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans offer medical coverage to members of an organization or employees of a company. They may also provide supplemental health plans—such as dental, vision, and pharmacy—separately or as a bundle. The most common type of group life insurance is group term insurance that renews yearly. This type of insurance provides only a death benefit and is the least expensive option.

Specializing in the Construction and Building industries, at Bayou City Risk we have the capabilities to offer your company tailored group benefit solutions. This focus allows us to be experts in the arena and our clients are in the best position possible - informed and prepared. Contact us to learn more about coverage options.


Greater Builder Houston Association

The founder of Bayou City Risk has been a proud member of the "GHBA" since 1989 - Ask us how you can get involved, the opportunities are endless. 

We Are Proud to Sponsor HomeAid

HomeAid's mission is: "building new lives for America’s homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach." Although our mission gives us broad latitude to engage in building projects across the entire Continuum of Care, from emergency shelters to transitional housing to permanent supportive housing, every HomeAid project supports an agency that provides services that help residents move toward self-sufficiency, such as education and job skills training, physical and emotional support, etc.

Increase Your Liability Management

Ask how you can increase your liability management program for new construction with Bayou City Risk & ACES Builders' Warranty

Risk management is a critical aspect of any business, and companies in the Houston, Texas area are no exception. Whether it's a property company, construction firm, or any other industry, managing risks is essential to ensure business continuity and financial stability. There are various types of risks that companies face, including general liability, workers' compensation, builders' risk, and property risks.